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We do everything for our patients!

Our Story

We started in 2018 after the passage of Oklahoma SQ 788 with the goal of helping Oklahomans obtain a better quality of life through cannabis. A collection of life long Oklahoma entrepreneurs that decided to band together and share a vision of creating a better, safer cannabis industry for all! Long before the Oklahoma legislature created rules governing standards for testing cannabis products the owners of lotus Gold franchises held the products we offered to the highest standard. We want to ensure that the products we offer are safe, consistent and a great value our patients can afford.

Our owners are all active members of their local communities. Some are veterans of military service who started out wanting to help other veterans find a solution for many of the issues that come from military service such as PTSD, and chronic pain among others. We also have a group of owners that started out in the vape industry with the goal of helping Oklahoman’s lead healthy, tobacco free lives by offering them a healthier alternative that they could use to kick the habit.

There is one common theme among all of our owners, their passion to make the lives of Oklahomans better through safer alternatives that allow the patients themselves to choose the way they medicate. This is why our budtenders all undergo continuous education in regards to the endocannabinoid system and the effects of individual terpenes and cannabinoids so their recommendations to you can be custom tailored to target the effect you require. As new advancements in the cannabis industry arise, we remain vigilant and poised to be on the forefront armed with the latest scientific data to assist you in determining the best products and methods of ingestion to help you target your specific symptoms.

Helping You Heal Through Cannabis

Our expert staff is well versed in the benefits of cannabis. If you require a specific strain that we don’t have, our top notch budtenders will be able to show you comparable options based on your preference for taste, smell, consistency and ingestion level.

Top Quality Frosty Buds
Grams / Eighths / Quarters
Starting at $4.00/g​
Hand Picked Brands
Quality / Consistency / Potency
Starting at $8.99 a pack​
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