What You Should Know When Renewing Your Medical Marijuana Card

Typically, your medical marijuana card is set to expire two years to the exact date you applied for it. It may seem like a long period, but it goes in a flash, and soon, you will find yourself unable to purchase medical marijuana, and that can put you in a tight spot, especially if you need it for pain relief. Therefore, you need to plan in advance on how you will renew your card. Discover more about Norman, OK here.

When Should You Start the Renewal Process?

You cannot submit your application more than 30 days before your issuance date, so technically, the earliest you can start is 30 days before your card expires. During this time, you are supposed to receive an evaluation from the doctor to see if you still need the marijuana and also complete the renewal application leaving the two weeks period before confirmation. Discover facts about What You Need When Applying for An Online Medical Marijuana Card.

Where to Renew

The renewal process isn’t that much different from application in the sense that you will still visit the same website, only that during this time, you will click on returning applicants and not new applicants.

What Happens If Your Renewal Is Denied?

If your request to renew your card is denied, you can contact the concerned authorities, in the case of Oklahoma, the OMMA. They should offer further guidance.

Now that you are conversant with the renewal process, avoid the last-minute rush and get your card renewed as soon as possible.