What You Can Expect on Your Initial Visit to a Cannabis Dispensary

The charm of legal cannabis is undeniable. It is drawing crowds from all generations. Baby boomers who had given up cannabis years ago are rekindling their relationship with the plant. Medical marijuana patients are seeking out dispensaries that carry the products they need to help relieve their symptoms. If you visit a dispensary for the first time, it can be quite intimidating to step inside. Luckily, Lotus Gold Cannabis Co. Information can be found here.

has highlighted some things you should expect:

Expect to Be Carded

This goes for medical marijuana patients and adult consumers. Whether you are 25 or pushing 70, make sure to keep your state-issued identification card handy. If you have a medical marijuana card, ensure it is still valid and be ready to hand in your ID along with the recommendation. It is priceless to make a habit of it. See here for information about Things You Should Consider Before Picking a Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

You will Wait

Waiting is a fairly standard procedure, mostly in the medical market. In some states, regulations require cannabis dispensaries to serve a patient at a time. Therefore, you might need to take a seat and wait until it is your turn. You can use this time to go through the dispensary menu on Leafly and think about the cannabis products you would like.