What to Expect from a Dispensary?

A visit to a marijuana dispensary usually pulls some people off their feet. That is because of the many rules guiding such activities. But should you decide to knock on the doors for assistance, there are many issues you will want to expect. Some of them include the following. Click here for facts about Norman, OK.

Come with Cash

Most marijuana dispensaries don’t accept credit cards. When you are visiting such facilities, ensure you come along with enough cash for assistance. Click here to read about Preparing For Your Dispensary Visit.

You Will Be Carded

This is one of the most common issues you must expect in any marijuana dispensary. Most states where recreational marijuana is legal will card you to confirm if you are of the right age required. Also, ensure you show your state-issued medical marijuana ID card. 

It would help if you Asked Questions.

The best moment to ask as many questions concerning marijuana is during your visit to a dispensary. Most of the budtenders there have mountains of information that can help you in any way. Never shy away from asking questions, especially if you are looking for products to treat a unique condition.

It would help if you were Not Afraid

Most people will shy off when they see guards strolling around marijuana dispensaries. But that should be the least of your worries when you are getting services from a licensed facility.