What Can Delta-8-THC do for you?

Delta-8-THC can play a big part in finding the right cannabis product for you.

Do you know about Delta-8-THC? When deciding your cannabis care routine, it’s essential to know the science behind the flower you use.

What Is Delta-8-THC?

If you’re an experienced cannabis user, then you already know about THC. For the uninformed, THC is a phytocannabinoid, which means that it is a molecule found in cannabis plants that activate your body’s cannabinoid system. CBD is another such cannabinoid.

The THC molecule that most cannabis users are already familiar with is officially named delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Most people using medical cannabis will call it THC or Delta-9-THC, though.

However, there is another phytocannabinoid growing in popularity, Delta-8-THC. Both THC cannabinoids cause psychotropic effects, but this one is proving to be less potent.

Differences between the Two?

Our current research suggests that both cannabinoids share many of the same potential benefits. You can use Delta-8 products for the same reasons that you would use a Delta-9 product. Because of its milder psychotropic effects, using Delta-8 products may lead to a more well-rounded cannabis experience.

Additionally, there may be some as-of-yet undiscovered properties of Delta-8-THC. The medical community is optimistic that delta-8-THC research may produce breakthroughs for some medications. Click here to learn more.

How Can I Find It?

Although Delta-8 is a bit rarer than Delta-9, there is still plenty of it to go around. It produces a clear, water-like distillate, which is often used in cartridges to provide higher amounts than in other products. As we continue to bring this cannabinoid to the forefront of the cannabis discourse, more research of Delta 8 will follow. Many experts already believe that this cannabinoid is more stable and efficient than its counterpart.

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