Warr Acres, OK is Full of Parks

Fun-Filled Parks in Warr Acres, OK

Like it happens at any fun destination, Warr Acres parks are perfect spots to unwind the long days. The parks here are neat, well-maintained, charming, and fun-filled. Consider these options. Learn more here.

Baker-Kiwanis Park

Baker-Kiwanis park is located just south of the City Hall Complex and spreads between Hammond and Reeves. It has two large pavilions with grills, swings, slides, two tennis courts, a large grassy area for activities, and a Playcraft playground system. Learn more about Warr Acres, OK is an Eventful City.

Cherokee Hills Park

Cherokee Hills Park is the largest park in Warr Acres.  It is nestled within the Cherokee Hills housing edition and is easily accessible. There are several play areas, picnic pavilions with grills, a large parking lot, and four tennis courts. Playground equipment includes a colourful Playcraft system with slides, stairs, and other activities for children. This facility has restrooms that can be accessed with prior arrangements through city hall.

Frank Woods Park

Frank Woods park has a medium-size picnic pavilion, play areas, and a sidewalk that links it to Cherokee Hills Park, along with a large grassy area for activities.   The park was named after Frank V. Woods Jr., the City Clerk, who served from 1969 to 1984.