Warr Acres, OK is a Historical City

Explore the Past in Warr Acres, OK

Among the several fun things to do in Warr Acres include exploring its historical past. Information can be found here.

And some of the nearest and iconic spots you should visit include. 

Land Run Monument

A Land run is a kind of historical event in the United States of America, in which previously restricted land is opened up to homesteads. The Oklahoma Land Run of 1893 was the most famous of these, as well as the largest. In 2015 a series of sculptures were raised in the Bricktown Riverwalk Park to commemorate the event. Visitors will find 45 heroic statues of those Land Run participants, forever frozen in motion. See here for information about Warr Acres, OK is a Dinners Hub.

Harn Homestead

Listed on the national register of historic places, this famous Homestead was settled during the renowned land run of 1889. The property is about 10 acres in size and houses several buildings. These include a schoolhouse, the Victorian family home for the Harns, and Oklahoma’s first two-story building. In addition to serving as a tourist venue, this is also a popular place for weddings. You can also host fundraising, civic or corporate events here. Visitors are treated to an insight into the waste, not want to work ethic of the original Oklahoman settlers.