Unusual Attraction in Catoosa, Oklahoma

Catoosa is an amazing place to visit to relax and have fun. Aside from the serenity of the city, the city is blessed with so many unusual attractions. Here are some of the unusual attractions in Catoosa, Oklahoma that will leave you amazed. Learn more here.

The Blue Whale of Catoosa

One of the unusual attractions in Catoossa happens to be the blue whale of Catoosa. It is fascinating to know that nature’s biggest mammals are landlocked Oklahoma. Learn more about Parks to Visit in Catoosa Oklahoma.

The blue whale of Catoosa was built by Hugh Davis. He presented the blue whale as a gift to his wife as a 34th wedding anniversary present. This event took place in 1972. Ever since this presentation, the smiling whale has greeted visitors who visit the city and cruise down route 66

It has also become a major attraction center for visitors passing through Oklahoma. 

It is also a known fact that although Davis primarily had his wife’s interest when he built the blue whale, he also took the children in the neighborhood into consideration.  This was a known fact because prior before he built the blue whale, he had built two petting zoos. One of the zoos was filled with cats and the other zoo which was popularly known as “Ark” was filled with reptiles.