Types of Marijuana Products Found in a Dispensary

When you get into a dispensary, you will come across marijuana packaged in a different consumable state. It’s for the patient to choose the most convenient or their favorite consumption form. Lotus Gold Cannabis Co. offers medical marijuana in all consumption forms. It’s upon you to decide what to order. More can be found here.


These are cannabis products that are ground, filtered, and rolled in papers that have natural gum. These pre-rolls are consumed through smoking and can be home prepared. The cannabis content in a pre-roll comes from the buds that are processed into refined particles. Learn more about Two Types of Marijuana Dispensaries.


Also known as buds, flowers are the original form in which cannabis exists. Its obtained directly from the farm as it is with slight processing like grading and packaging. 


Cannabis concentrates are substances made from a marijuana plant that has been processed to retain the important plant substances while removing the excess materials and impunities from the plan.