Types of Dispensaries

Dispensaries also vary in categories. The variation comes from the mode of management in control of the specific dispensary. The different types of dispensaries are not easily recognized by patients as they receive treatment but are highly recognizable when it comes to management. Visit this link for more information. 

Private Dispensary

A private dispensary is one that is owned and managed by an individual or a group of individuals. Decisions are fully made by the owners and the government has no control over the dispensary’s management. This doesn’t mean that the dispensary doesn’t abide by the rules set in place to be followed by health institutions. Read about Stations Found in a Dispensary here. 

Public Dispensary

Public Dispensaries are those that are owned and managed by the government. They are at most times cheaper than private hospitals. This is mainly because of the subsidized prices on the services offered in the dispensaries by the government. This enables those who couldn’t afford certain medical services to be able to receive the services at an extremely low rate or even totally free.

Mobile Dispensary

A mobile dispensary is one that has the ability to change its geographical location. Mobile dispensaries are usually smaller than a normal dispensary due to their mobility. They are at most times found in the inaccessible rural areas where medical equipment is rarely found. Due to their mobile nature, they are found to serve a larger number of people located in very remote areas.