Top-Rated Attractions in Norman, OK

Iconic Fun Spots in Norman, OK

There are many fun spots in Norman that you don’t want to miss. But since they are many, choosing the best area to tour can be challenging. That is especially true for a first-timer and someone on a tight schedule. Should you fall in either category and are looking for the top-rated spots you must visit in Norman, below are the answers to your worries.  See further information here.

National Weather Center

The National Weather Center houses meteorologists from the University of Oklahoma, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and state organizations. These groups work together to improve understanding of atmospheric events, especially severe and hazardous weather. Pre-register and book an appointment for the Norman weather facility’s official public tour to witness experts in action. Learn more about Norma, OK is a Winery Hub.

The University of Oklahoma

The wonderful park-like atmosphere and historic buildings on the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman make for a fantastic outing for both groups and individuals. Guided tours can be tailored to each group’s needs and age range. The beauty of the architecture and landscaping is magnificent; many of the buildings are treasure chests filled with rarities old and new, such as the Fred Jones, Jr. Museum of Art, the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.