Top Attractions in Jenks, OK

Must-See Spots in Jenks, OK 

Like most towns with their iconic attractions, Jenks also boasts the best of its name. As such, below are some of the top-rated spots you must visit while you are here.  Visit this link for more information.

Roark Acres Honey Farms

Roark Acres Honey Farms creates all-natural honey and honey-based products in Jenks. Drop by the farm and take-home goat milk, coffee, or oats honey soap bars, or grab a few bottles of locally-made honey. Honey straws come in various flavors, like chocolate, peach, vanilla, mango, watermelon, sour strawberry, sour raspberry, lime, and orange. Read about Jenks, OK is an Outdoor Haven here. 

The Cave House

The Cave House is a landmark in Tulsa. It was built in 1924 as a Chicken Restaurant. Built during prohibition, it was a place you could quench your thirst! It has quirky architecture, but it is probably best known for its stories, full of exciting and sometimes amusing information. It is a great date or family adventure.


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