Top Attractions Found in Ada, OK

Ada, OK is endowed with Tourist Attractions

When in a new city, the first question that comes to mind is usually on the city’s attractions. Visiting the top tourist attractions in a city is one of the best ways to spend time there. It also helps to personalize ourselves with the city, creating memories and a special bond with the city. Ada, OK is a place with several tourist attractions. Here are some of the top attractions that you can visit with your family if you are visiting. Click here for facts about Ada, OK.

Wintersmith Park

Wintersmith Park has been dubbed the best attraction in Ada, OK several times. One of the things that make the park stand out is that it is full of surprises. The park may not look significant, but there are several things and activities to take part in while in the park. A lake, a lodge, bridges, trails, courts, and a public amphitheater are some of the park’s core elements. Click here to read about Family-Friendly Activities to Take Part in Ada, OK.

McSwain Theater

McSwain is a 560-seater former cinema that was turned into a cinema. The theater was restored from a 1920 cinema. Several shows go on in the place, and it is a facility that offers excellent entertainment.