The History of Marijuana Sales in Tahlequah, OK 

The good people of Oklahoma are known for their wild-west independence.  This distaste for governmental interference in their lives made them the 30th state in the union to partially legalize marijuana. More about Tahlequah, OK can be seen here.

Medical Marijuana

Some states legalized marijuana completely.  But Oklahoma left some restrictions in place.  In Oklahoma, only medical use of marijuana has been legalized.  State Question #788 was passed in June of 2018, and medical marijuana dispensaries started popping up like wildflowers. Since that date, over 220,000 medical cards have been approved for people requesting medical use of marijuana. Click here to read about What to Expect in a Marijuana Dispensary in Tahlequah, OK.

Medical Requirements

The Federation of State Medical Boards has recommended that doctors not issue a medical card unless they evaluate the patient in person.  They also recommended follow-up visits with the physician to assess if the treatment is working and should be continued.  

But people can get a medical card online, and most people in Oklahoma do not bother with the follow-up visits. There are no penalties.


With medical marijuana dispensaries opening all over Oklahoma at such a fast pace, state regulators have had difficulty keeping up.  An Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has been established. They seek to help dispensary owners keep abreast of the laws and current changes to the laws.