The Different Types of Marijuana

There are three primary types of marijuana. These different types of cannabis are known for their difference in their effect, origin, and appearance. Further facts about Catoosa, OK can be found here.

Cannabis Indica is one of the three main types of marijuana. This particular type of marijuana is known for its sedating effect, unlike Sativa, known to be more stimulating. Information about The Difference Between Marijuana and Cannabis can be found here.

The Effect of Indica 

Indica helps to create a powerful body. After taking a strong Indica strain, the user is likely to feel heavy, unwilling to move, and may become extremely relaxed. It is also known to stimulate appetite in its user.

Cannabis Sativa is valued for its uplifting effects, and it provides an entirely different experience than the Cannabis indica. 

The Effect of Sativa

Sativa is known for its head high, which is majorly felt in the brain. Sativa may not cause sluggishness in the body despite how high the brain may be.

Hybrid Cannabis 

This is a combination of characteristics and effects from various Indica and Sativa strains. It gives the user the feel of both worlds.

The Effect of  Hybrid Cannabis

There is no set of effects from hybrid cannabis since it is a combination of both sativas and indicas. So the effect will be determined by the percentage of the strain used more.