The Best Shopping Destinations in Norman, OK

What’s A Tour Without Shopping?

Any tour you take, whether abroad or just locally, there is always one thing that you have to do, shopping. You could be buying souvenirs, collector’s items, memorabilia to remember your tour by, or even a gift to take back to a loved one; the fact remains there is always some shopping to be done. Norman has a few good places you can take your shopping exploits, and here are a few of them. More can be found here.


Just like the name suggests, Stash stashes various items, including tees, candles, baby items, handmade jewelry, accessories, and some of the most unique gifts and cards you’ll find anywhere. Their stock is ever-changing, so be sure to find something new every time you visit them, and you can also visit them regularly if you are looking for a particular household item or a particular gift. Read about The Best Restaurants to Try Out While in Norman, OK here.

Sandalwood & Sage

This is another store that offers a lot, especially to collectors. From incense to tarot cards, cool t-shirts, wolves, and tapestries, among others, they’ve got almost everything you could be looking for. The seller is also very polite and helpful in case you’re looking for something in particular.

If you want to go shopping, especially for gifts or souvenirs, these two shops are worth checking out.