The Best Marijuana Strains for Pain Management

Chronic pain is one of the most unbearable things that one can go through. It can sometimes get so bad that you are unable to get out of bed and go about other things. This is no way to live, and there is a solution for anyone going through such pain, medical marijuana. Marijuana has been proven to take care of pain, and some doctors have even recommended it to their patients. So, which is the best strain to deal with chronic pain? Here are a few options. Further facts about Norman, OK can be found here.

White Widow

This is an Indica-dominant hybrid that gets its name from white buds that have crystallized resin on them. It helps by giving a euphoric high due to the THC content, but it also instills a calming effect that can help you drift off to sleep. Suitable for both pain relief and anxiety but not recommended for beginners. Information about The Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety can be found here. 


This is a classic and has for long been the go-to pain management strain since the 1970s. It has a high THC and CBD concentration which makes it perfect for pain management in the long run. It is also good because, despite the high CBD content, it doesn’t leave a couch lock effect.

Northern Lights

Another favorite among locals, the northern light strain is one of the best for pain management. It, however, also has a drowsy effect, so you are recommended to have it when looking to relax.