The Best Antique Shops in Norman, OK

A Collector’s Heaven

Antique collection is a hobby that dates centuries back. There’s always something about this activity that just can’t be explained. Finding that item you’ve been looking for for a long time or locating the last missing piece to your collection. It’s always fun and exciting. Even if you are not an avid antique collector, visiting antique shops can still be fun because you get to see a lot of unique and beautiful pieces that you could possibly like. Below are a few antique shops you can visit while in Norman. Norman, OK  can be seen here.

S & J Marketplace

Locally loved and adored, S & J Marketplace is possibly the best antique shop in Norman. From the size to the variety of items available, as well as the neat and tidy appearance, it is every collector’s dream. The prices are, however, a little higher compared to other sports, but it could be because their items are very genuine. Discover facts about Outdoor Activities in Norman, OK.

Elusive Antiques

They mostly deal with vintage and retro clothes, so if you are looking for an outfit for a costume party or a themed event, then this is the perfect place for you.

If you enjoy vintage shopping, these two shops are definitely for you.