Stay Up to Date on Studies Backing up Medical Cannabis

Did you know that at Lotus Gold, we are always tending to our buds? It’s what makes us the #1 cannabis dispensary in OKC. Our mission is educating our customers on how cannabis works and the science behind it. We wrote this page just so you have convenient access to studies backing up medical cannabis to win any heated dinner-table debate.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has conducted an extensive report on the impact of cannabis on the health of the human body. The CDC covered it, so you know this is one of the best studies backing up medical cannabis. We’ve covered the same cannabinoids on this page.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has researched the details behind medical marijuana.

Pharmacy and Therapeutics published research on the history, pharmacology, and possible health care uses for medical marijuana. 

The National Cancer Institute has conducted research regarding the use of cannabis and cannabinoids as an alternative medicine for cancer-related symptoms caused by the disease or its treatment. This one of the key studies backing up medical cannabis.

The American Academy of Neurology supports the research of medical marijuana as a potential treatment for neurological disorders.

The National Institute of Health published a study in which it is hypothesized that THC may have lessened the growth of liver cancer cells. This is certainly one of the studies you’ve heard in passing before, but now you have the link to it.

The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine has explored the role of medical marijuana in pain management. If you’re looking to convince an older relative that medical cannabis might be for them, then this is one of the best studies backing up medical cannabis.

Physical Therapy published an article detailing the treatment options physical therapists may offer their patients who are considering medical marijuana as part of their physical rehabilitation.  Check our page For Doctors for information about recommending medical marijuana in your practice.

The Journal of Pain Research published a survey of cannabis users to learn whether they have purposefully changed from using prescription drugs to using medical cannabis. If you live in Oklahoma, then this is one of the perfect studies backing up medical cannabis.