Statue to look out for in, Oklahoma

We can’t deny that one of the things visitors who visit New York for the first time is the statue of liberty. Everyone seems interested in seeing the statue of liberty for themselves. This is the same for people who visit Oklahoma. The Golden Driller is the most visited statue in Oklahoma.  The Golden Driller is said to be the fifth tallest statue in the United State.  The statue is a shirtless golden man.  This statue is a 76-foot statue of a bare-chested golden man with a belt. Information can be found here. 

The Golden Driller has been standing for over 60 years and remains a monument used to honor the petroleum industry workers.  The  Golden Driller became very popular among oil enthusiasts. It was recreated temporarily in 1959. Seven years later, it was permanently erect seven years later. But something sad happened in 1979. By 1979, the Golden Driller was abandoned by its manufacturer which happens to be the Mid-Continent Supply Company.  The statue was scheduled to be demolished due to the bullet holes that were found on it and the fact that it had been neglected. What used to be visually pleasing became a terrible sight to behold. The people of Oklahoma came to the rescue and took it upon themselves to restore the glory of the statue and they did. See here for information about  Popular Museum in Catoosa, Oklahoma.