Stations Found in a Dispensary

Just like any house, the dispensary is found to have a couple of rooms known as stations. It is in these stations where patient visits for specific services to be rendered to them. More about Norman, OK can be seen here.


The reception is usually the first station for a visitor in any organization. Even in the dispensary, patients begin their journey in the reception. It is here that the patient’s personal details such as the name and phone number are registered into the system. The registered information is what the patient is expected to use in identifying themselves every time they visit the dispensary. Click here to read about the Qualities of A Good Dispensary.

Waiting Bay

The waiting bay, as the name goes, is a room specifically formulated for patients to wait patiently as they await their services. The waiting bay is a large room filled with seats arranged in order so as to accommodate the number of patients awaiting treatment in the dispensary.

Doctor’s Bay

This is where the doctor is located. Patients get into a room, which is at most times privatized- only the doctor and one patient can be in the room at a time. Here is where the patient converses with the doctor as they explain their troubles to their problem solver


The triage is a room where medication to be dispensed to the patient within the dispensary takes place. It is in the triage where wound dressing, injecting, and measurement of body vitals such as blood pressure take place.