Reasons To get Cannabis from Dispensaries instead of Dealers

 As long as there is a stigma attached to cannabis products, the black market will always exist. Dealers always find markets for their products even when cannabis is legal. But, some reasons offer proof that cannabis dispensaries are far better than local dealers. Broken Arrow, OK can be seen here.

Lotus Gold Cannabis has discussed these reasons below:


It is easy and comfortable to develop trustworthy relationships with your local cannabis dispensary. You might think that you know your dealers well, but they are motivated by the profit transactions and not the motive to sustain quality customer service relationships. Click here to read about What You Can Expect on Your Initial Visit to a Cannabis Dispensary.


Dealers do not grow their products. That means they cannot offer assurance on cannabis cultivation methods, purity, or harvesting methods. They have no idea about the pesticides, nutrients, and chemicals used in cannabis farming. However, a licensed cannabis dispensary has a reputation to maintain and state regulations to fulfill. That is by securing top-notch quality products and employ well-trained budtenders. They track and document their products for quality assurance.


Cannabis dispensaries have a wide range of strains from various plant families with a range of CND or THC percentages. The variety allows you to match products with your sought-after experience or to treat your medical condition. Most importantly, variety allows you to shop by price, quality, and product potency.