Questions To Ask a Budtender in a Cannabis Dispensary

When visiting an ideal cannabis dispensary getting the benefit of individualized consultation from a knowledgeable budtender will help narrow down your choices to discover the products that suit you best. More can be found here.

Learn how to maximize your consultation time by asking the following questions:

What is Fresh Today?

Be specific about the product you are most interested in. If you are looking for flowers, ask the attendant about freshness. This is because a recently harvested crop is more flavorful than products that have been sitting on the shelves for a while.  Learn more about Mistakes You Should Avoid When Visiting a Cannabis Dispensary.

What is the Newest Product You are Stocking?

With new brands and products being launched regularly, there are innovative items stocked at dispensaries. Ask your budtender about what is new so you can stay up-to-date on the hottest unique products.

How is the Cannabis Grown?

If you are considering flowers, make sure to ask whether the cannabis was grown using eco-friendly techniques. You can ask for sun-grown and outdoor cannabis if you are interested in supporting small farmers growing boutique buds. Knowing where the marijuana was grown and processed applies to added value items such as vape carts and edibles.