Qualities Possessed by Budtenders in Our Dispensary

Since most states have legalized marijuana, cannabis dispensaries are popping up in most places. However, you wouldn’t be happy to visit a dispensary that has unfriendly budtenders. At Lotus Gold Cannabis Co., we have the best budtenders in Norman, OK. Below are the qualities that our budtenders possess. Information can be found here.

Knowledge of the Product

Most customers lack confidence, especially if it’s their first time purchasing any cannabis product. However, our budtenders can educate you about the various products, and you get confident. We also tell our customers how to consume various products and the amount you should consume. See here for information about Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cannabis Dispensary.


Our budtenders are professionals and attend to our customers with the utmost respect. We communicate in a friendly tone, portray patience and trust our clients. Again, we guide our clients to enjoy the results of our cannabis after consuming it.

Great Customer Service

In our dispensary, our budtenders are always kind to our clients. We listen to you carefully and clarify anything that you need to know regarding our products. We are never tired of answering the same question repeatedly because we need our customers to have peace of mind. Again, we are happy when we satisfy your cannabis needs.

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