Products You Will Find In A Medical Marijuana Dispensary

In a cannabis dispensary, you will come across cannabis in different consumable forms. It’s for the consumer to choose their most convenient or rather most preferable form of consumption. In Lotus Gold Cannabis Co., our marijuana is available in all forms. It’s upon the user to make the order. Click here for facts about Oklahoma City, OK.


Cannabis concentrates are products derived from the marijuana plant produced to retain the most important plant components while eliminating the plant’s excess impunities and materials. Click here to read about the Traits Of A Reliable Marijuana Dispensary.


These are cannabis products that are ground, filtered, and then rolled in rolling papers that come with a natural gum. These pre-rolls are designed to be consumed via smoking. The cannabis content in the rolling paper is obtained from the buds being produced into refined particles. 


These are also called buds. It’s the most original form in which cannabis exists. It’s obtained directly from the weed farm as it is with slight processing like grading and packaging. These buds are categorized into various strains that have various properties and impacts when used.