Products to Expect in a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Inside a marijuana dispensary, you are likely to find marijuana in various consumable states. It is for the user to decide on their most convenient or, rather, their most preferable consumption form. In Lotus Gold Cannabis Co., we provide Marijuana in all forms. It is upon the customer to make the order. Find more information here.


They are also known as buds. It is the most original form in which Marijuana exists. It is usually acquired directly from the farm as it is with only minor processes such as grading and packaging performed on them. The flowers are also categorized into different strains, which have different properties and effects when consumed. See here for information about Significant Factors to Consider When You Want to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card.


These are marijuana substances that are ground, filtered, and rolled in rolling papers fitted with natural gum. The Pre-rolls are meant to be consumed by smoking and can be homemade. The marijuana content in the rolling paper comes from the buds being processed into refined particles. They are already in a ready-to-use form.


Marijuana concentrates are products made from the cannabis plant that have been processed to retain only the most essential plant components while removing the plant’s excess material and impurities.