Popular Museum in Catoosa, Oklahoma

There are a lot of popular museums here in Catoosa, Oklahoma but for the purpose of this article, we would focus on just one of the most eccentric museums in Catossa, Oklahoma. D.W. Correll Museum is one of the most fascinating and amazing museums in Catoosa. History has it that it took over three years to sort through all the objects in the collection found in the museum. Eclectic is the most frequently used word that is used to describe the collection, minerals, old toys, shells, belt buckles, and other items that are found at the D.W. Correll Museum. The museum will leave you lost in thoughts and amazed with its various collections. This museum will remain one of your major memories of Catoosa, Oklahoma.  Learn information about Catoosa, OK here. 

There are so many things that make this Museum an amazing sight, but one of the masterpieces of the museum is the antique car display. The antique car display remains the centerpiece of the museum. It occupies its building and includes an aluminum 1919 Franklin, a 1902 Oldsmoblie a 1906 Cadillac, a steam-powered 1899 Locomobile, and many electric gadgets. These electric gadgets are all presumably and serviced by an antique Texaco gas pump. Discover facts about Unusual Attraction in Catoosa, Oklahoma.