Personnel Found in a Dispensary

The dispensary houses a variety of personnel, with each person found inside it having a role to play in the overall functioning of the dispensary. The different personnel entities have to interrelate with each other successfully for the services to be delivered accordingly. Learn information about Norman, OK here.


The doctor is one of the most vital players in the dispensary. They are responsible for listening to the signs and symptoms of the patient, issuing the patient with a prescription, and also instructing the patient on what or what not to do. It is the doctor’s duty to also administer injections to the patients. Discover facts about services Offered in A Dispensary.


Nurses are basically termed as ‘the doctor’s helper’. Although they also go through medical training for them to graduate professionally, the nurses are ranked below the doctors in terms of specialization. Their work mainly being the coordination of the patients in the hospital, dressing and attending to wounds and injuries of the patients, and at times, administering medication.


The patients are the people who get into a dispensary in the search of medical assistance. They are at most times Ill, Injured, or just attending to checkup. They are the primary pillar of the dispensaries. Without them, then the dispensary would only be a building full of medical equipment and practitioners. It is after they have received treatment that the patients pay to the dispensary for the services delivered to them.