Parks to Visit in Catoosa Oklahoma

Parks are one of the amazing places that need to be visited in Catoosa. The city is blessed with a lot of parks. There are a lot of fun activities that could be carried out in these parks. Here are some of the parks to visit in Catoosa. Click here for facts about Catoosa, OK.

Rivers Park

Rivers Parks offers a wide range of outdoor activities and entertainment options to its visitors. The park consists of playgrounds, different paved trails, and also an amphitheater which is usually used to host live music performances. Click here to read about Free and Cheap Places to Visit in Catoosa, Oklahoma.

LaFortune Park

LaFortune Park covers a total area of over 270 acres. LaFortune is known as a community park and is filled with a lot of recreational facilities and amenities. One thing is certain, you will never run out of different recreational activities to carry out when you visit LaFortune Park.

Centennial Park

Centennial Park covers over 47 acres. The park consists of small ponds that can be used for fishing. It also has picnic shelters, trails for walking, and restroom facilities. 

Mohawk Park

Mohawk Park is one of the biggest parks in Catoosa. This park, covers 2, 800 acres. The park consists of hiking and walking trails that cover over 800 acres. It also has a lot of abundant wildlife.