Oklahoma City, OK, is an Outdoor Fun Paradise

Fun-Filled Trails in Oklahoma City, OK

For those looking to keep active while interacting with nature, Oklahoma City features charming and fun trails to explore. Some of them include; Information can be found here.

Lake Draper Trail

Navigate the Lake Draper Trail and circle Lake Stanley Draper along the way. Cyclists are welcome to bike all 13.5 miles of the Lake Draper Trail system for a scenic ride along the shoreline. For a challenging test of endurance, hike, bike, or run along the Lake Draper Trail in Oklahoma City. Read about Oklahoma City, OK, is The Town for Camping here. 

Martin Park Nature Center & Trail

Martin Park Nature Center is a 140-acre nature park that combines recreation, education, and wildlife. The Oklahoma City park features a hands-on nature center highlighting the animal life, flora, and fauna of Oklahoma and a picnic area, playground, and a browsing library. Three hiking trails, a bird observation wall, and a watchtower are on site.

Bert Cooper Trail

Lace-up your sneakers or hop on your bike and enjoy the more than nine miles of paved adventure around Lake Hefner on the Bert Cooper Trail. Located 10 miles north of downtown Oklahoma City, Lake Hefner is a 2,500-acre urban lake offering boat and fishing docks, an enclosed heated fishing dock, picnic areas, grills, restrooms, playgrounds, group shelters, and more.