Oklahoma City, OK is a Sports Powerhouse

Sports Activities in Oklahoma City, OK

If you are a sporty person looking for ways to explore Oklahoma City, no doubt the choices are many. Whatever it is that will give you the thrill, the choice will narrow to the following. Visit this link for Oklahoma City, OK facts.

For Football Lovers

The Energy Football Club found a home at the 7,500-seat Taft Stadium. Known as the “Community Stadium,” it’s located in the heart of one of Oklahoma City’s oldest residential areas and built as part of the Works Progress Administration initiative in 1934. The dedicated fans look for more than just the game atmosphere, a tailgating area between the stadium and Taft Middle School. Discover facts about Oklahoma City, OK, is The Town for Group Fun.

The Basketball Hometown

It’s safe to say Oklahoma City is Thunder-struck, playing to sell-out crowds. This team’s popularity is skyrocketing both locally and nationally. Want to get in on the Thunder action? Head to Chesapeake Energy Arena for more thrilling and entertaining basketball fun.

Baseball Thrill

If you are a baseball fan looking for fun opportunities, you have many ways to enjoy them. Catch the OKC Dodgers in action at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark. What makes the Bricktown Ballpark more than just a stadium is the historical value to the community and city.