Oklahoma City, OK is a Nightlife Owls’ Town

Enjoying the Nightlife in Oklahoma City, OK

Fun in Oklahoma City doesn’t end by daytime. If you are a party lover or looking for something entertaining to do at night, below are some of the top spots to visit. Learn more here.

Richard’s Club

Step into Richard’s Club in Oklahoma City and feel at home in this dive bar. It has the amenities of a full bar and an area to take up a pool game and hang out with friends. Richard’s also has a jukebox putting everything from Sonic Youth to Kid Rock at your fingertips and hosts karaoke nights for those who prefer to give their renditions of their favorite songs. See here for information about Oklahoma City, OK is a Sports Powerhouse.

The Boom

The Boom is part nightclub, part dinner theatre, and part live entertainment venue, but mostly it’s full of fun. Check out one of their rotating dinner theatre shows for a delicious meal and a comedy or musical so funny it will bring you to tears. Stop in for karaoke Tuesdays, Dinner with Kitty on Wednesdays.

Sugar’s Mai-Kai Bar

Have a fun night out in a tiki-themed bar at Sugar’s Mai-Kai in Oklahoma City. Enjoy the eclectic decorations complete with lights hanging from the ceiling, and sit down for a refreshing, cold beer. Try one of their reasonably priced mixed drinks at this nightlife spot that calls itself “a little bar with a lot of class.”