Oklahoma City, OK is a Museum Trove

Fun-Filled Museums in Oklahoma City, OK

As a historic town, Oklahoma City features loads of museums for you to explore. Whether you are into museums or not, you will find more than enough memories in one of the following: Oklahoma City, OK information can be seen at this link.

Science Museum Oklahoma

Packed with interactive exhibits, Science Museum Oklahoma presents ever-changing displays of science-themed topics intended to engage, entertain, and educate. Though kids are the primary audience, adults, too, love learning and exploring here. Step into a tornado simulator, build with giant Legos, invent and test your creations, walk a tightrope, and even learn to ride a Segway. Click here to read about Oklahoma City, OK is a Water Hub.

Museum of Osteology

If this tourist attraction seems unusual, it’s because it is. The bones of hundreds of animals make up the displays at the only skeleton museum in the United States. Thoughtfully presented specimens span big mammals to tiny critters, from apes and kangaroos to snakes and penguins. Most of the specimens are in life-like poses, so you can see how the animals move. You can stand under a giraffe or elephant skeleton or see a sloth skeleton hanging from a tree.

45th Infantry Division Museum

If you care about the military, you should come to the 45th Infantry Division Museum. The Infantry Division Museum gives you a great glimpse of not only Oklahoma history but also America. Artifacts associated with Oklahoma from majors’ conflicts involving the United States can be found here.