Oklahoma City, OK is A Budget-Centric Town

Free Fun Activities in Oklahoma City, OK

Family fun is only worth it with free things to do. As such, if you are looking for free and delightful things in Oklahoma City, consider the following. Learn more facts here.

Martin Park Nature Center

Oklahoma City is rich in natural beauty and a great place to get outside. Martin Park Nature Center is the perfect place for families to do just that. Accessible to the public, Martin Park Nature Center offers 2.5 miles of trails, a visitor center with animals, a nature center, and a nature-themed playground and outdoor recreation. Read about Oklahoma City, OK is a Festive Town here.

Oklahoma City Zoo

For more fun for animal lovers, Oklahoma City Zoo offers free admission on sales tax appreciation day. Check the website for details. The zoo also is a member of the AZA reciprocity program. If you have a membership to your local zoo or aquarium that is part of the reciprocity program, you can get into the OKC Zoo for free.

Route 66

Route 66 is full of quirky and historical places to visit, including The Milk Bottle Building. Built-in 1930, this store features a can’t-miss large milk bottle on top. The store is on Classen Boulevard, which is part of the original Route 66. Drive historic Route 66 and stop for Oklahoma’s famous Braum ice cream.