Norman, OK is Winery Palace

Winery Tours in Norman, OK

When it comes to winery tours, like other towns, Norman also features a fair share of its best areas. If you love wine and craft beers, you will find more than enough places to pursue that. These wineries are also perfect spots for wine tasting and outdoor fun thrill.  Find further facts here.

Native Spirits Winery

The family-owned Native Spirits Winery uses the finest grapes worldwide to produce Oklahoma wines for all palates. You can take a stroll through the vineyard and try some of the wines. The winery hosts multiple events throughout the year, including Wine Night Out with local music every Friday. Read about Norman, OK is a Historic Town here. 

405 Brewing Co.

Two friends founded a boutique brewery and taproom, (405) Brewing Co. It produces craft beers, stouts, and ales. Each batch explores new brewing techniques and mixed fermentation. Hanging out with friends in the taproom is one of the most exciting things you will want to enjoy here.

Lazy Circles Brewing

A hip joint with festive decor, Lazy Circles Brewing features samples of homemade brews and pints. The staff encourages patrons to bring food. With outdoor seating, friendly dogs are welcome too. Lazy Circles Brewing boasts an amazing outdoor setting perfect for everyone.