Norman, OK is an Oasis of Fun

Outdoor Fun Spots in Norman, OK

With miles and acres of open spaces in Norman, outdoor fun will find you anywhere. Whether you are looking to hike, walk, play, or interact with water, you will find many alternatives to where to head to. But below are some of the best of them all. More about Norman, OK can be seen here.

ATV Games 4×4

ATV Games 4×4 presents its guests with a challenging paintball field, complete with ATV trails best navigated on wheels. Gather up a group of friends, and try to capture the tank or guard the president against enemy fire at this Norman paintball field. Hop in a dune buggy with a paintball gun in hand, and locate opponents that stand between you and victory. Click here to read about Norman, OK is a Kid-Friendly Town.

George M. Sutton Wilderness Park

Hike along the wooded wilderness trail at George M. Sutton Wilderness Park, and see if you can spot watchable wildlife like Texas horned lizards, white-tailed deer foxes. Bring a set of binoculars to spot more than 200 species of birds, or head to the fishing pond to catch a few fish. The wilderness park also contains plenty of blossoming plants that attract beautiful butterflies. Take a walk through this scenic park and enjoy native grasses and animals’ natural beauty at this 160-acre park.