Negative Effects Marijuana

According to research by a medical marijuana dispensary, the use of marijuana has tons of adverse effects on the body when used in the wrong manner. Oklahoma City, OK information can be seen at this link.

Let’s examine a few of these adverse effects:

Cardiac Issues

The use of marijuana in the way not prescribed to you by a medical dispensary expert will turn out disastrous on long-term use. Marijuana causes an increase in blood clotting, which later causes a heart attack and a health condition called arrhythmias. Discover facts about the Wrong Use of Marijuana as Prescribed by Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

Neurological Problems

Smoking marijuana affects the receptors (THC) in the brain, which changes the perception of one’s environment. This is typically known as loss of memory, and it can eventually lead to a psychiatric condition. It can also make one delusional.

Respiratory Disorder

Smoking in any form whatsoever has a negative impact on anyone’s respiratory system, and smoking marijuana is not left out. From some findings carried out by medical marijuana dispensary professionals, we understand that smoking marijuana increases the risk of respiratory problems like; bronchitis and prolonged coughing, and phlegm production.

Negative Effects on Pregnancy

Furthermore, research has also found out that the use of marijuana while pregnant can cause negative outcomes to the fetus and also to the newborn if exposed to marijuana.