How to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

Getting your medical marijuana card in Oklahoma is easier than ever.

With Medical Cannabis legalization taking place in the majority of states, you may find yourself wondering, “Maybe it’s time to become an early adopter.” You’re in luck, we can walk you through your getting your card. 

The first step to getting your Medical Marijuana card from the OMMA is to figure out why you need it. A lot of people apply for one on account of a variety of physical and psychological reasons. Just consider the myriad ways of how cannabis may benefit your life.

In Oklahoma, the standard fee for a medical marijuana card is $100 for a two-year license—this fee varies in other parts of the country. For specifics on getting a card in your state, check out our Laws page. Additionally, if you would like to schedule a virtual appointment, we have a portal set-up below for your convenience.

The general process for getting a medical marijuana card.

Getting your card involves a few critical steps: 

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