Marijuana Laws in Your State?

What Are the Medical Marijuana Laws in Your State?

You clicked on this tab because you want to know about medical marijuana laws. That’s quite understandable. One can get confused about which laws are in effect in which State, which States will soon have laws, and which States are lagging behind. Until then, you may find it helpful to learn which states will and will not let you smoke.

All that to say, this subject can get complicated. However, the majority of states have already legalized medical cannabis. Our home state, Oklahoma, passed legislation for medical cannabis in June 2018. Since then, the legal requirements and restrictions have often shifted. The whole ordeal can be best summarized as a tug-of-war between two groups, people with an anti-cannabis agenda and people in the right.

If you look slightly below this section, you will find that we have compiled a list of medical marijuana laws by State just for you. That’s just the thing that the #1 Cannabis Dispensary in OKC would do for its customers.

At Lotus Gold, we believe in being safe, legal, informed, and high. That’s why we work to educate our customers, raise the standard of quality across the industry, and update our list of state legalization consistently. Check back often on our list of medical marijuana laws. More and more states will wake up to how beneficial cannabis can be. In truth, we expect the majority of States to hop on the bandwagon sooner rather than later.

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