Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Tahlequah, OK

There are actually two kinds of marijuana dispensaries:  recreational and medical.  However, in the state of Oklahoma, there are only medical dispensaries.  State law does not allow recreational dispensaries. But once you get the marijuana, no one knows how you are using it.  So really, it’s the same.  The only difference is that at a recreational dispensary, you don’t need a medical card.  At a medical dispensary, you do need a medical card. Learn more here.

Getting a Medical Card in Oklahoma

To purchase marijuana at any Oklahoma dispensary, a person has to show their medical card.  They are incredibly easy to get. Technically, the person has to show a medical need for marijuana.  But doctors abound who will say that you have a medical necessity. The doctor does not have to list a qualifying medical condition at all.  There is a place on the form for medical conditions, but filling it out is optional.  Learn more about How Marijuana Works in The Brain in Tahlequah, OK.


Marijuana is incredibly popular in Oklahoma.  As soon as the law was passed, more than 2,200 licensed medical dispensaries opened up.  Some of them are on the same block, just a few steps away from each other.  In 2019, retail sales were over $345 million.