Marijuana Dispensary Regulations in Tahlequah, OK

Since medical marijuana dispensaries have only been legal since June of 2018, the laws concerning them are still developing.   Further facts about Tahlequah, OK can be found here.


Not only does a medical dispensary need a certificate of occupancy from the city, but they also need a compliance certificate to operate as a medical dispensary. Owners also are required to register with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.  Information about Strains of Marijuana in Tahlequah, OK can be found here. 

Too Many Regulators

More than six Oklahoma state agencies have partial responsibility for selling medical marijuana.  The state Department of Agriculture sets the rules for growing the plants.  The state Department of Environmental Quality sets the rules for cannabis disposal.  Other departments cover other parts of the sale. 

People who operate medical marijuana dispensaries have a hard time figuring out who they report to.  They don’t know who to go to when they have questions.  

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

When the state established the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, it helped owners figure out how to proceed.  The Authority reports that they have been held up in their efforts because they cannot perform routine public health surveillance.   

The Authority can’t gather patient demographics, and they can’t track doctors who make recommendations because of privacy laws.  The Authority is also establishing new compliance rules for waste disposal and lab testing.