What Is Layered Cannabis Therapy?

Layered cannabis therapy is what we recommend for most people beginning their journey with medical cannabis. There are multiple reasons why we believe this approach to be the best.

Certain symptoms may respond best to a specific type of administration. For example muscle pain from a strenuous workout may respond well to a topical, like a cream or lotion that can be rubbed onto the offending muscle for near instant relief. The problem here, is that most topicals have a short window of effectiveness. This means they could stop working and require multiple applications to get you through a tough episode of pain.

Adding another product with a longer window of effectiveness can be a suitable way to ensure you get the instant relief of a topical, but also get the benefit of longer term relief from something like a tincture or edible.

This way, by the time the topical starts to lose its effectiveness, the other product will have had time to work its way through your system potentially allowing for less applications of the topical to address this type of pain. For anyone experiencing pain, whether it be muscular, arthritic, or nerve based this type of layered therapy can increase the likelihood of cannabis providing you the maximum amount of relief possible.

This layered treatment approach doesn’t just work for pain. Someone who has a specific cultivar of flower they normally use for anxiety could also use a tincture or edible to decrease the number of times in a day that they have to smoke in order to no longer worry about their anxiety symptoms.

There are quite a few options for cannabis therapy. Some take effect almost immediately, but stop working within a few hours. While other options take 45 minutes to begin being effective, but last much longer up to 6 hours in some cases.

This is the primary reason that layering cannabis products can help provide the maximum benefit to you, the patient.

You will of course need to do your own research when it comes to what types of cannabis products may best be suited to alleviate your symptoms. Anxiety sufferers may want to stay away from products containing pinene or limonene in high amounts, as both of these have shown to increase energy and creativity but for an anxiety sufferer it could lead to more creative, energized ways to be anxious.

As always, these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Cannabis products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.