Where to Find Lab Results for the Best Cannabis Products for You

Lotus Gold is not here to change your mind. We’re here to give you the best cannabis products for you. We achieve this by providing medical-grade THC products, educating citizens, consumers, and healthcare professionals on all cannabis benefits, and triple-testing our cannabis.

We’ve taken our time in understanding these compounds and how they serve you best, which results in the best cannabis products around. We want to give our customers the medical cannabis knowledge they need to make the best choice for themselves.

We’re breaking the stigma around our industry to improve the health of our local communities.

Is Testing Necessary?

When it comes to medical marijuana, Oklahomans are still defining the laws and procedures. The emergency rules for Oklahoma State Question 788 do not even touch on laboratory procedures. Oklahoma Legislature’s Medical Marijuana Working Group has recently submitted laboratory testing recommendations to the Board of Health. Even after the Oklahoma government firmly establishes the laws, we will hold our labs to the highest standards to ensure that you are getting the best cannabis products.

In fact, our obsession with providing the best cannabis products would see us thoroughly testing our products even if there were no requirements at all.   

At Lotus Gold, we know how to tend to our buds. And we mean that both figuratively and literally. We are always listening to our customers and making adjustments. You can find each of our labs on the products page.

We are always re-examining our products, so check back often for the updated labs. As you continue exploring what cannabis therapy can do for you, we recommend asking the budtender at your local Lotus Gold. With their thorough education about the benefits of THC, they will help you find the right fit for your lifestyle.