Jenks, OK is an Outdoor Haven

Charming Parks in Jenks, OK

Your stay in Jenks will be incomplete without any outdoor delight. Whether you are looking to hike, picnic, walk or relax, the town features many parks. Here are some of the best of them all. More about Jenks, OK can be seen here.

Veterans Park

If you are looking for a whole family fun park, Veterans Park is the first choice. Veterans Park in Jenks has something for the entire family. Amenities include a children’s playground, walking trail, plenty of green space, picnic pavilions, restrooms, the Veterans Memorial, and a fishing pond with handicap accessible fishing docks. The pond is stocked twice a year with catfish, bass, and sunfish. From December through February, the pond is also stocked with trout. Click here to read about Jenks, OK is Full of Family-Friendly Fun Activities.

Woodward Park

Woodward Park is the Brookside, Maple Ridge, Philbrook, and Utica Square Districts’ crown jewel. Its grounds adjoin the Tulsa Historical Society. Located primarily at 21st and Peoria, it has geography, flora, and fauna, and fall and spring beauty as thousands of accent flowers and plants erupt and explode in perfect symmetry. There are few walking paths, but they are not needed. There are sheltered areas, but most visitors are short-term and drive through or take a gentle stroll. It is heavily wooded with stone, rock, and water accents.