Introducing the Mallow Bar

The Lotus Gold Mallow Bar

This week, we’re featuring our THC Mallow Bar. A delicious THC edible, it is fruit-flavored cereal, butter, marshmallow, and high-grade THC distillate all compacted into a crunchy delight. The correct way to eat the Lotus Gold Mallow Bar is savoring every bite; it shows us the endless possibilities of how tasty THC edibles can be.

The Lotus Gold Mallow Bar may not be an important part of a balanced breakfast, but it is an essential part of an enjoyable cannabis therapy experience.

Is the Mallow Bar right for you?

Lotus Gold’s Mallow Bar is ideal for those wanting to transform their daily dose into a treat. Each bar contains 150mg of THC and is most enjoyable when taken in small pieces, rather than all at once.

As an alternative to smoking, edibles provide an effective and easily managed method of counting out the right dose. By plucking pieces from the bar instead of eating it all at once, you can pace your THC doses to your needs.

You can find the Lotus Gold Mallow Bar labs over here. It includes all the information you need to make an educated decision about whether or not our product is right for you.

Find This Product and More at Your Lotus Gold

As you continue exploring what cannabis therapy can do for you, we recommend asking the budtender at your local Lotus Gold. With their thorough education about the benefits of THC, they will help you find the right fit for your lifestyle.

Visit your nearest Lotus Gold today to learn more.

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