Introducing Entourage Effect Vitamin C Gummies

Lotus Gold now carries Entourage Effect Vitamin C Gummies. These edibles are brand new and offer a little of everything you need to enhance your cannabis dose. 

Chalked full of THC, CBD, and Vitamin C, these gummies provide a balanced dose for any occasion: a stroll through nature, a peaceful afternoon nap, or even a late-night Netflix binge. 

The Only THC Gummies You’ll Need

Recent studies suggest that combining Vitamin C with Cannabis can have tremendous positive effects. In the specific case of CBD, Vitamin C can increase the absorption rate. 

Entourage Effect THC Gummies have a 1:2 ratio of THC to CBD, making them the ideal product for somebody who wants to prioritize the healing aspects of their medical cannabis journey. When considering to introduce the Entourage Effect Vitamin C gummy into your regimen, use the following product information to make the best decision for yourself:

  • Net Weight Per Gummy: 4g
  • Net Weight Per Package: 40g
  • THC/CBD Potency (per Gummy): 10mg THC / 20mg CBD
  • THC/CBD Potency (per Package): 100mg THC / 200mg CBD
  • Total Cannabinoids (per Gummy): 40mg Total Cannabinoids
  • Total Cannabinoids (per Package): 400mg Total Cannabinoids
  • Vitamin C Nutrition Information: 79% DV per gummy

Plus, the C in Vitamin C stands for cool. How could any other THC gummy compete?

Disclaimer: The C in Vitamin C does not stand for cool. It stands for ascorbic acid. In the 1920s, Albert von Szent Györgyi discovered Vitamin C (later renamed Ascorbic Acid) as a method to prevent and cure scurvy.

Retailing at $15

Get everything you need with just one gummy. Available at all Lotus Gold Stores, you can grab the Entourage Effect Vitamin C Gummies today.

Find Them at Your Local Lotus Gold

As you continue exploring what cannabis therapy can do for you, we recommend checking out other products made by Entourage Effects. The Delta-8-THC Gummies share many benefits with traditional THC products, but give less of a “high.” They’re scientifically balanced to provide the right benefits for you.

Visit your nearest Lotus Gold today to learn more.

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