How To Know You Qualify For Services In A Cannabis Dispensary

As per the laws, you can find out if you are eligible for services in a cannabis dispensary. That’s why Lotus Gold Cannabis shares some of the ways to know if you can get these services. Information can be found here.

Are you past the age limits?

Before you visit a cannabis dispensary, ensure you know the age limit set for your particular state. You’ll avoid the shame caused by the budtenders denying you the important services because of your age. To avoid this incident from happening, try to conduct some research. In some situations where one is found with cannabis and is below the age limit, the offense is punishable and might include a jail term. See here for information about Guide On The Classification Of Cannabis Dispensaries.

Does the law allow the use of recreational marijuana? 

It’s important to note that other states only allow for the medical use of marijuana products. This means that the kind of dispensary to expect in such places are medical cannabis dispensaries. Don’t find yourself in the wrong hands of the law because of ignorance.