How the Great Depression Helped Tahlequah, OK

During the Great Depression, one of the American government programs was called the Works Progress Administration.  It was part of the New Deal. This program provided work for people who were unemployed because of the economic collapse.  Much of the work was construction work and infrastructure work. Further facts about Tahlequah, OK can be found here.

American Legion Hut Post 50

One of the WPA projects during the depression was the building of American Legion Post 50 in Tahlequah. It is also known as the Rhodes Pritchett American Legion Post.  The building was constructed out of native sandstone.  The style is the typical WPA Standardized style. Today the building is still an active American Legion post and is also used for community events. Information about Another Great Downtown Park in Tahlequah, OK can be found here.

National Guard Armory

Another WPA project in Tahlequah is the Armory Building.  Local citizens worked hard to secure this project for Tahlequah.  It is estimated that it took 80,000 manhours of WPA labour to construct this building.  The influx of government money to pay the workers was a significant help to the economy of Tahlequah.

The inside of the armoury consists of a drill floor and a wing on the west.  The façade of the building is castle-like, and it has colourful rock walls.