Historic Rosamund House in Tahlequah, OK

The historic Rosamund House in Tahlequah and the Cherokee National Female Seminary in Tahlequah have a history that is interwoven. Learn information about Tahlequah, OK here.

Female Seminary

Gideon Morgan was a teacher who came to Tahlequah to supervise the building of the Cherokee National Female Seminary. The previous seminary called Park Hill had burned in 1887.  In those days, a seminary was an institution of higher learning, as a college.  When he arrived in Tahlequah, he had the Rosamund House built for his family to live in.  Discover facts about Tahlequah History Trail in Tahlequah, OK.

Rosamund was built around 1893 on the southwestern edge of what is now known as Northeast State University.  This historic structure has a large front porch with spindlework details, along with gables on the front.  It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

After Gideon Morgan moved on, the house served as a hospital in 1919.  In 1922 the dean of instruction for Northeastern State University, Robert McIntosh, and his family lived there until 1922.  

Left abandoned, it deteriorated until the university bought it in 1985 from the McIntosh estate.  It has now been renovated to serve as guest lodging for the university.

Famous Guests

President Jimmy Carter stayed at the house in 1989. Others who have stayed there include Cokie Roberts and Helen Thomas.