Health Risks of Cannabis Use

The knowledge of cannabis and its impacts is evolving day after day. The majority of individuals who use cannabis do not seem to suffer any negative consequences. Either way, various factors may contribute to the negative effects on some individuals. More about Catoosa, OK can be seen here.

Although some challenges are likely to occur in individuals who take cannabis for the first time. Issues that are related to physical and mental health are usually gotten from repeated usage over months and years. There are certain factors that can increase or reduce the user’s risk of being affected negatively. Click here to read about the Medical Uses of Cannabis.

These factors include:

  •  Usage: The amount of time a person uses cannabis affects his/her health. Regular usage is linked to an increase in health challenges. 
  • The type of product used: Products that contain higher THC content may be more harmful than useful.
  •  Age: The age at which a person starts to use cannabis can affect their health. Using cannabis as an adolescent is associated with an increased risk of negative effects.  So it is not advisable for younger kids to use cannabis for any form of treatment due to the effect it may have on them.  

It is always advisable that cannabis should be taken based on the prescription from a doctor.